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Rohit Gaikwad is India's leading Real Estate consultant, coach, speaker and a published author. He is recognised as the authority on how to build a Real Estate Empire. Given his expertise; he has helped thousands of real estate professionals from India to build, grow and scale their real estate businesses. Undeniably, his proven systems and strategies have changed the real estate business landscape of today and have even set new standards for the field of India's Real Estate altogether. After pursuing an MBA in Marketing from Pune university along with PGDFT (German). Rohit Gaikwad holds 21+ International certifications like Google, Microsoft, HubSpot, YouTube, Yandex etc. & more than these credentials, his experience of over nine years speaks for himself. His ideas, combined with immense struggle, sheer determination, hard work, and many trial-n-error methods, is what has to lead him to the doors of success and recognition. Being associated with over 500+ real estate brands and a network of 25k real estate professionals all over the globe; Rohit Gaikwad has already been a mentor to 17k students/professionals who have been enrolled online/offline coaching. You can explore more about him at

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